State Cup Referee Fees

**The Referee fee MUST be paid prior to start of the game**

*All referee fees are split 50/50 by home and away team

CupDivisionRef / ARAmount $
Manning CupPremier DivisionReferee$95.00
Manning CupPremier DivisionAssistant Referee$55.00
Flamhaft CupFirst & Second DivisionReferee$90.00
Flamhaft CupFirst & Second DivisionAssistant Referee$55.00
D’Arpino CupAll DivisionsReferee$85.00
D’Arpino CupAll DivisionsAssistant Referee$55.00
Marth CupO-30 DivisionReferee$85.00
Marth CupO-30 DivisionAssistant Referee$55.00
Rapaglia CupWomen’s Division 1Referee$80.00
Rapaglia CupWomen’s Division 1Assistant Referee$55.00
Challenge CupWomen’s Division 2Referee$75.00
Challenge CupWomen’s Division 2Assistant Referee$55.00
Vargas CupO-40 DivisionReferee$85.00
Vargas CupO-40 DivisionAssistant Referee$55.00


  1. The Referee appointed to the match shall not be, nor have been in the past a member of either of the competing teams. The club on whose grounds the match takes place shall pay the fee and traveling expenses of all officials appointed by the Cup Committee to any match prior to the final match.
  2. The referee shall have the power to decide as to the fitness of the grounds. The Laws of the Game define the duties of the Referee and Assistant Referees.
  3. If the appointed Referee fails to fulfill his/her engagement the captains of the competing teams must agree upon a referee for the game. Where there are official Assistant Referees, the first Assistant Referees shall take charge of the game. The same provision will apply in case a Referee is taken sick during a match.
  4. The Referee shall have the power during the game to deal with players guilty of violent conduct, of on using threatening or abusive language. The Referee shall forward the name of the offender, together with the pass to the Cup Commissioner within 48 hours.
  5. If a Referee, without proper notice to the Cup Committee, is absent from a game to which the Referee has been appointed then the Referee shall be liable for punishment.
  6. Where a game is postponed, the Referee, upon appearance, shall be entitled to his/her expenses. In case of forfeited games, the Referee, upon appearance, shall be entitled to his/her full fee and expenses.
  7. The Referee shall forward to the Cup Committee the result of each match played, a list of players participating therein, and all particulars pertaining to the match within two (2) days after the game.