State Cup Protesting

Protesting a State Cup Match to ENYSSA

  1. Disputes and protests, as well as questions relating to the qualifications of competitors, or to the interpretation of the rules, shall be referred to the Cup Committee, whose decision shall be final and binding on both clubs. Every protest must be made in writing and must specify the basis on which it is lodged. Two (2) copies of the protest must be submitted to the Cup Committee by e-mail, certified or registered mail, accompanied by the appropriate fee within three (3) days after the match to which it relates.
  2. Any protest relating to the grounds, goal posts or other appurtenances of the game shall not be entertained by the Cup Committee (unless an objection has been lodged with the referee before the commencement of the match.) The referee shall require the responsible club to remove the cause of the objection, if this is possible, without unduly delaying the progress of the match.
  3. The secretary of the protesting club shall send a copy of the protest, by e-mail, certified or registered mail, to the club protested against. Each club may support its case by bringing witnesses to the hearing, if such is required.
  4. If a member of the Cup Committee is connected with either of the clubs involved in the dispute or protest, then the member shall absent himself/herself while the dispute or protest is being considered. An attorney shall not represent a club at the hearing of a dispute or protest, unless said attorney is a bona-fide member of the club concerned.
  5. When an appeal is made and upheld, the Cup Committee may order the match to be played elsewhere.
  6. If such an appeal is not sustained, the complaining club may be called upon to pay the expenses incurred in arriving at the decision.
  7. A protest fee of $200.00 MUST be included with the protest. A copy must be emailed to

The protest fee must be mailed to:
ENYSSA State Office
74 Curtis Lane
Yonkers, NY 10710