Eastern New York State Soccer Association sponsors various cup competitions. The following cups are named for and honor individuals who were instrumental to the growth of the game in this area.

Dr. Manning Cup

• All 1st Division teams of LISFL and CSL
(Formerly Senior Challenge Cup)

Honoring Dr. Randolph G. Manning. Dr. Randolph G. Manning organized the Southern New York State Soccer Association, the predecessor of ENYSSA, and was the first president of both the Southern New York State Soccer Association (SNYSSA) and the United States Soccer Association in the 1913-1920 Era.

Dr. Manning was born in England and then was educated in Germany, particularly at the University of Freiburg. While in Germany, he was involved in the formation of the Deutscher Fussball Bund in 1900.

Flamhaft Cup

  • First Division Reserve Teams and 2nd Division Teams of LISFL
  • 2nd Division Teams of CSL
  • First Division Teams of EDSL

(Formerly Knickerbocker Cup)

Honoring Jack Flamhaft. Attending Fordham University, which unfortunately did not them have soccer on its sports curriculum; He joined New York Hakoah where he eventually became the guiding light for more than 30 years and earned a respected playing career in the American Soccer League.

In 1928 while still attending law school he became a delegate to the old New York State Football Association in which organization he rapidly rose and held high office for a good many years. First, as Hakoah’s delegate to the American League, he later served five years as president of the professional organization. Having been a delegate to the USSFA conventions continuously since 1935, it was inevitable that his capabilities, knowledge, experience, and leadership be drafted into the service of the National organization.

His official life in the Federation included service as president for a two-year term beginning in 1959. In his time as president and in many other official capacities, now as an attorney, he was responsible for numerous laws and the Constitution and By-Laws of the USSFA. However, his greatest victories were won in court where he represented the USSFA in litigation in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals of the State of New York, in which the prerogatives, power, and authority of the USSFA were challenged.

D’Arpino Cup

• 1st and 2nd Division Reserve Teams of CSL
(Formerly Heidecker Cup, until 2013 also included Third & Fourth Division Teams)

Honoring Livio D’Arpino, who served as 1st Vice President for both Youth and Amateur NY State Associations, Select program, ODP program for ENYYSA, Rules chairman, State cup Chairman for both Youth and Amateur, and many other committees until his untimely death on Christmas day, 2002.

Strumpf Cup

  • 3rd Division Teams of LISFL
  • 3rd and 4th Division Teams of CSL (Metro 1 and Metro 2)

Honoring Strumpf

Fritz Marth Cup

  • Over 30 Division Teams of LISFL
  • Over 30 Division Teams of CSL

Honoring Fritz Marth, who was involved with soccer for his entire life. Growing up in Germany he was a devoted fan of Rot-Weiss Essen, a club still in existence today. Within days of his arrival in the United States, he became a member of the Hoboken Soccer Football Club 1912, one of the oldest soccer clubs in the United States. He served the club as a player, administrator, and manager.

Locally, he was also actively involved in the Cosmopolitan Soccer League, the New Jersey Soccer Association, and the Eastern New York Soccer Association. On a national level, he served as a dedicated volunteer to the United States Soccer Federation holding various administrative posts and later becoming a full-time employee of its affiliate, the United States Amateur Soccer Association.

Vargas Cup

  • Over 40 plus and Over 50 Division Teams of LISFL
  • Over 40 Division Teams of CSL
  • Over 40 Division Teams of EDSL

Ann Rapaglia Cup

• All Women’s teams

(Formerly known as Lombardo Cup until 2013, as Pelini Cup until 2007)