Who We Are

The Eastern New York State Soccer Association (ENYSSA) is the governing body of soccer in the eastern half of New York state.

ENYSSA was founded in 1913 to serve as an organization to nurture and develop the sport of soccer in eastern New York. The purpose of the organization is encourage the development of the sport and encourage the growth of community leagues, organizations, clubs, programs, and teams in the state. This is so that the sport is accessible to all New Yorkers. ENYSSA’s additional purposes are to promote and foster sportsmanship, as well as organize tournaments.

The first formations of the ENYSSA began on March 25, 1886, with the foundation of the New York State Football Association (NYSFA). The NYSFA was organized during a meeting at the Riverside Club Rooms in New York. The organization was founded with the founding of the following six clubs in New York:

  • New York Riverside Football Club
  • West Side Rovers
  • Olympic Athletic Club
  • The Pilgrims
  • West Brighton
  • Continental Clubs

The organization changed its name to the Southern New York Football Association in 1912, and then in 1913 became the current, Eastern New York State Soccer Association.


League Structure

ENYSSA administers the following leagues that are affiliated with the United States Adult Soccer Association.

  • Cosmopolitan Soccer League
  • Long Island Soccer Football League
  • Eastern District Soccer League
  • Eastern Premier Soccer League
  • New York Metropolitan Women’s Soccer League
  • Central Brooklyn Soccer League
  • Central New York State Soccer League



ENYSSA administers the following cup competitions:

  • Dr. Manning Cup – for all men’s premier division ENYSSA clubs
  • Jack Flamhaft Cup – for all men’s first and second division ENYSSA clubs
  • Livino D’Arpino Cup – for all men’s third and reserve division ENYSSA clubs
  • Lombardo Cup – for all women’s ENYSSA clubs
  • Fritz Marth Cup – for all over-30 clubs
  • Alfonso Vargas Cup – for all over-40 clubs
  • Ann Rapaglia Cup – for all women’s clubs