Our Mission

Eastern New York State Soccer Association, Inc. hereinafter known as ENYSSA or the Association.



The ENYSSA shall be a not for profit corporation under the laws of the State of New York and shall be dedicated to the fostering and governing of soccer. These purposes are to:

  • Educate, develop, promote and administer the game of soccer.
  • Encourage and assist in the development and growth of community leagues, associations, organizations, programs, clubs and teams so that soccer is made available to more people at all levels of competition.
  • Foster and encourage sportsmanship and playing ability by all players and persons involved in soccer.
  • Conduct and/or sanction tournaments of amateur team competition and to sanction teams to enter and participate in tournaments outside the jurisdiction of this Association.
  • Establish acts necessary or desirable for the good of soccer.



The area of jurisdiction, hereinafter known as the territory, of the Association shall include all New York State counties east of the eastern boundaries of counties traversed by Interstate 81 which are not otherwise under the jurisdiction of other associations accredited by the United States Amateur Soccer Association / United States Soccer Federation.



This Association shall be affiliated with the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). It shall be an integral unit of these associations and shall at all times recognize their authority, rulings and laws and shall make no rules or regulations in conflict thereto.



The representative colors of this Association shall be Royal Blue and Gold.