Eastern New York as a member affiliation to USASA has insurance coverage’s that is purchased on behalf of the member players, Teams, Leagues, and state and national organization. This comprehensive plan protects members, member teams and leagues and USASA in the event of claims arising out of activities organized by your team, league or state or national organization. The Accident policy covers medical and dental expenses during sanctioned amateur soccer activities. The General Liability policy protects members and USASA in the event they are sued for incidents involving bodily injury or property damage resulting from an amateur soccer activity.

How to File a Claim

All players registered with the Eastern New York State Soccer Association are covered under the US Adult Soccer Special Risk Accident policy while participating in any sanctioned event. If treatment is necessary for an injury sustained during a league game, practice or affiliated tournament, the player is encouraged to file a claim using the instructions below. Unaffiliated activities that are not under the organization of an ENYSSA/USASA member are not covered.

Note: This coverage is EXCESS of other insurance. Please be sure to submit other insurance information (if available) when requested.

We are now using a new online claim format. The claim can be found in English or Spanish. Go to the following link:

USASA Special Claim Form for Risk Accident

Special instructions:

  • Fill in each text box
  • On text boxes that ask for a date, the year may be changed by clicking the year on the calendar at the top. Click twice.
  • If covered by more than one health insurance play, please include the additional policies (+Add Another Plan)
  • Under Name and Type of Event, indicate if league match including the teams scheduled or if during training and the name of your team
  • Type Eastern New York for State Association and type in your League for Region.
  • For coach or official, list name of team coach or manager

Do not delay submitting this form. It must be submitted within 90 days from the date of the accident or benefits may be denied due to untimely filing.

The form will be reviewed by the State Association Verification Officer, which includes coordination with the respective league. It will then be sent to US Adult Soccer. US Adult Soccer will forward the claim to AG Administrators for processing. AG will contact the claimant for further information/documents.

If you have medical coverage under another policy, those bills must be submitted to your primary insurer first. When submitting your claim under this program, you will asked to provide a copy of your primary insurer’s Explanation of Benefits statement (EOB). IF YOU HAVE OTHER INSURANCE, YOUR CLAIM CANNOT BE PROCESSED BY AG Administrators WITHOUT YOUR PRIMARY CARRIER’S EOB.

Once submitted, the claimant will receive a confirmation email that the completed form is received along with a claim number.

If there are any questions concerning these procedures, email Peter Pinori at