Eastern New York as a member affiliation to USASA has insurance coverage’s that is purchased on behalf of the member players, Teams, Leagues, and state and national organization. This comprehensive plan protects members, member teams and leagues and USASA in the event of claims arising out of activities organized by your team, league or state or national organization. The Accident policy covers medical and dental expenses during sanctioned amateur soccer activities. The General Liability policy protects members and USASA in the event they are sued for incidents involving bodily injury or property damage resulting from an amateur soccer activity.

Liability Insurance

USASA’s and thus Eastern New York State Soccer Associations General Liability Insurance Coverage is provided through the USASA insurance agent at Des Champs & Gregory for up to 3 million.

The Liability Summary can be found below:
Liability Summary in English
Liability Summary – Espanol

How to File a Claim

All players are covered for a specific membership year, as soon as they complete the player registration and form and deliver that signed form to the appropriate registration staff of the league they are affiliating with and receive a legitimate and current Players Identification Card* (*where applicable).

When a Player is injured on the field, the team/league reports to the state using a First Report of Injury form.

The state association verifies player membership & validity of injury by verifying game sheets, referee reports, practice times, etc. & gives/sends the injured player a Special Risk Accident Claim Form.

The Special Risk Accident Claim Form is completed by the claimant & returned to the state association, the state verification officer then signs it &/or affixes the appropriate stamp.

The state association then forwards the fully completed & verified claim form to USASA National Office in Chicago for insurance processing.