EDSLThe EDSL Open Division has resumed playing after the winter break attached you will find all the stats for this division.

AC Tumi continues to lead with 24 points in 10 games and Germania is second with 20 points. Yonkers Ukrainians continues to be the most disciplined team with 10 yellow cards in 10 games followed with Junior 1 red card and 9 yellow.

Top scorer is Manuel Gonzalez of San Onofre with 17 goals in only 7 games. He scored 4 this past weekend to go ahead of Cesar Ceja of AC Tumi, who actually was injured and left the game at the 28th minute.  Mr. Gonzalez is averaging almost 2.5 goals per game for his team.

Below you will find the schedule, standings and complete stats of all games from the start of the season.

Here are next week games:

March 24, 2019  –  Round 14

10am  Tallawah vs. Yonkers Ukrainians, at Pelton Field Yonkers

9:30am  Ossining Portuguese vs. San Onofre, at Ossining High School

12pm  Junior FC vs. Unity S.C., at Pelton Field Yonkers

12:30pm  Germania vs. C.A. Tumi, at Columbus Park Port Chester

Most Goals as of 3/17/19
Player Team Goals
Gonzalez M. San Onofre 17
Ceja C. AC Tumi 13
Grant Q. Tallawah 8
Marshall A. Unity 8
Tuliglovic F. Y. Ukrainians 8
Gaytan M. San Onofre 7
Riveros K AC Tumi 6
Brito F. Junior FC 6
Pizarro A AC Tumi 5
Willoughby J Germania 5
Dadds N. Unity 5
Daly Z. Unity 5
Cardoso H. O. Portuguese 4
Chervak B. Y. Ukrainians 4
Zuma T Y. Ukrainians 4
Blanco O. Germania 3
Koziol C Germania 3
Iamicelli D. O. Portuguese 3
Lopez A. O. Portuguese 3
Valencia M San Onofre 3
Campbell J. Unity 3
Ceja G. AC Tumi 2
Maldonado C AC Tumi 2
Suertegaray B. AC Tumi 2
Emberger J. Germania 2
Esposito R. Germania 2
Guerra M. Germania 2
Haddad F. Germania 2
Dominguez Germania 2
Coco….  E Junior FC 2
Martins V Junior FC 2
Chavez N O. Portuguese 2
Griswold S O. Portuguese 2
Velez V O. Portuguese 2
Alvarez A. San Onofre 2
Barajas J. San Onofre 2
Lopex F. San Onofre 2
Thompson J. Unity 2
Melnychuk V Y. Ukrainians 2
Teams discipline Red and yellow cards as of 3/17/19
Red (3) Yellow (1) Worst to Best
Unity 2 15 21
O. Portuguese 4 8 20
Germania 3 9 18
Tumi 1 13 16
Tallawah 15 15
San Onofre 1 11 14
Junior 1 9 12
Y. Ukrainians 10 10